About Us

Smallcakes Franchise

Smallcakes was founded by Jeff Martin, who appeared on Cupcake Wars for several seasons. His vision was to create delicious cupcakes in 18 glorious flavors, every day, from scratch. Our catchy slogan “Maybe a Cupcake Will Help?” is also our mission. Now, every day across the country you can walk into a Smallcakes and leave with a smile! Smallcakes Longview was born under this same vision, we believe that life is sweet and therefore deserves something sweet. Come on by and try our signature Smallcakes Longview flavors, and say hello to your new neighborhood cupcakery!

Just Us

We’re glad you’re here! At Smallcakes, we believe that the sweetness of life deserves a little something sweet too. Every morning, our team is up with the sun, baking only the freshest cupcakes with the best ingredients. Thank you for supporting our cupcakery and creamery. It’s our pleasure to serve Longview the best cupcakes in town. Be sure to stop by and say Hello, we’d love to hear from you!

Doug and Laura Haynes